How much are the lessons and how does payment work?

• £17 / 30min
• £25.50 / 45min
• £34 / 1hr

It's asked that 24hrs notice is given should any cancellation need to be made.

Will I need a piano or keyboard?

Access to or ownership of some kind of keyboard instrument is essential to progress. Understandably, many don’t want to sink large sums of money into an instrument they may not wish to continue playing after a few months; on the flip side, without anything to practise on, progress will be minimal and you will very quickly want to stop! A catch-22 perhaps.I often know of pianos for sale so why not come for a trial lesson and we can talk about getting you a cheap/free piano or keyboard.

How can I be sure my child will be learning in a safe environment?

This is a valid concern for private instrumental teaching. I am CRB checked (Criminal Records Bureau) and welcome parents to come and sit in during the lesson maybe you could learn something too!

Can I learn without taking exams?

Yes, absolutely. Exams can be a very useful means of stimulating and measuring progress, but I always keep them in perspective and will happily teach without exams.

Can you come to our home?

The vast majority of my teaching is done from my teaching studio at home - this is simply because I have all my resources to hand: music books, metronome and so on. I also have a new Yamaha U5 piano which gives students an excellent opportunity to play on a benchmark instrument; I personally think it's great for students to get accustomed to playing various pianos. In certain circumstances, such as for teaching housebound students, I can visit your home but travel expenses would need to be covered.

I think I'm too old to learn!

I have experience teaching absolute beginners around the age of 50-60yrs and even students upto the age of 85! My observations have been that, whilst an eight year old might be quicker to grasp certain aspects of the piano/notation, an older beginner will likely be streets ahead in other musical departments; lessons will be structured differently to cater for this different learning circumstance. Why not come and have a go!