Will listens carefully to what I want to achieve on the piano, but he has also gradually introduced me to new techniques and repertoire and has created a well-structured programme for me. I always feel that I have achieved something, but also that everything I learn opens up new possibilities. I look forward to every lesson! Judith - Adult Learner

Will taught our eldest son and currently teaches our youngest son. Both really enjoy their lessons - Will is a great teacher with endless patience and both boys have progressed fantastically well achieving distinctions in their Grade 1 exams. We can't recommend Will enough! Chris and Tina

Will is a fantastic teacher! My son took piano lessons with Will for several years. He makes the lessons interesting, helps the student relax and is very professional. I highly recommend him. Sandra Hailes

My daughter has lessons with Will and enjoys them immensely. I feel he is exactly what she needs. He is respectful, patient and observant to her progress. My daughter enjoys the variety he brings to the lessons. Lynsey Roden

Will has taught our daughter for a number of years. He engages so well with her. He is so patient and enthusiastic and she really enjoys her lessons. Will makes them interesting and whilst he is always very professional, he pitches everything at the right level, to get the very best from our daughter. As parents, we are thrilled at the progress she continues to make with Will and thoroughly recommend him. He is a great piano teacher. Mike and Jackie

I would endorse the comments of other pupils. Will is always encouraging and patient. His lessons are well structured and he has the ability to identify the changes in technique which ensure that you always seem to be progressing. I feel very lucky to have found him. Thanks Will. Sheila - Adult Learner

I have been having lessons from Will for five years now and have loved every minute of it. He has taken me all the way to the brink of grade eight with his enthusiasm, keen eye for detail and thorough preparation for each lesson. He has frequently spent his own time trying to come up with a solution for any particular problem I have been facing. I would recommend him to a pianist of any age. Sam Anderson

6 decades ago I passed Grade 1! Apart from occasional dabbling, I have not played a lot in the meantime. I have found William to be very professional in his approach, while at the same time very adaptable and understanding of my "non student" position. I am enjoying coming back to the keyboard! David Western

As a parent I have observed a lovely rapport developing between my son Louis and Will, he is able to articulate at an appropriate level and maintains my son's interest. He encourages without putting Louis off. He is a great teacher! Liz Burley

Returning to piano playing in retirement after several decades of neglect, and with some less than happy memories of past piano teachers, I am delighted to have discovered Will who is extremely personable, and extraordinarily patient and encouraging. Philip Wilby

Will is a one of a kind teacher who has a great future ahead of him. Dave Wood

It has been a pleasure to learn with Will over the last two years. He combines enthusiasm and a sense of fun with well planned, well structured and varied lessons. His advice is consistently useful, well directed and encouraging. Strongly recommended. Martin - Adult Learner

I'm very happy to say that Will is a very talented, enthusiastic, and patient teacher. Extremely good with young pupils by not being too serious. - Tracy

Will is an excellent piano teacher, capable of teaching all abilities with enthusiasm and professionalism. Highly recommended. - Robin Thorne DipABRSM

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